Is your central heating system making unusual noises?

It is important not to ignore any unusual noises coming from your central heating system as it could lead to an expensive breakdown or pose a serious safety risk to you and your family. Many strange noises are simple problems that can be fixed quickly and inexpensively. However, it is dangerous to attempt to resolve the problem yourself by tampering with your boiler, and it is essential to contact a Gas Safe heating engineer who is qualified and experienced to deal with the issue. Speak to one of our central heating specialists at Complheat today to arrange for a professional assessment.

Noisy pipes

Banging pipes may be an indication of overheating, so it is important to get the thermostat on your boiler checked.
Air trapped in the pipework can result in a gurgling noise which may be resolved by bleeding your radiators to release the air out of the system. However, if bleeding the radiators does not solve the problem then contact one of our heating engineers to investigate the issue.
Pipes that are not secured properly can also make odd noises as they rattle against each other.
Tapping noises from your pipes could be an indication of sludge built up in the pipework which can be cleared by power flushing the central heating system.
Pipes that are fitted too close to the floorboards can cause a banging noise as they expand when hot water passes through them.
Noises from pipes that are too narrow to cope with the volume of water flowing through them will need to be replaced.

Noisy boiler

If you hear an unusually loud humming noise from your boiler it could be caused by the central heating pump vibrating which can be resolved by fixing brackets to secure it properly. The speed of the pump may be another issue causing a humming noise which can be assessed by a central heating expert.
A kettling noise coming from the boiler is a common problem usually caused by a build-up of limescale or sludge in the central heating system and can be resolved by power flushing the system.
A dripping noise may indicate a leak within the system which should be properly diagnosed by a professional heating engineer. The leak could be due to the pressure being too high, or from general wear and tear of components which will require repair or it may be more cost effective to consider a boiler replacement.
If you have recently had a part replaced and you notice a tapping noise, it could be that the part has not been fitted correctly, and one of our specialist technicians will fit the part properly for you to solve the problem.

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Strange noises coming from your central heating system can be disruptive and worrying, but many of the problems can be easily fixed, so contact one of our Gas Safe registered heating engineers at Complheat today for a professional diagnosis.

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