Boiler Breakdown

Boilers are more likely to break down during the winter months, when the weather is coldest and you need them the most! When the temperature drops below zero degrees, boiler condensate pipes can freeze which can prevent the boiler from functioning properly. Reduced use during the summer months may also cause the internal components of a boiler to develop faults and seize up and eventually result in a break down.

What should you do when your boiler breaks down?

Rule number one: do not try and fix it yourself!
A boiler breakdown is potentially dangerous and it is actually against the law to use a gas appliance which you believe may be unsafe.
When your boiler breaks down and you are left without heating and hot water – don’t panic! Call Complheat immediately and our Gas Safe registered, qualified engineers will diagnose and repair the problem in no time.

How to prevent a boiler breakdown?

Boiler Service
Having a regular boiler service will help toensure that your boiler is running safely and efficiently. A fully qualified boiler engineer will check your boiler components are working correctly, fix any minor problems, and may recommend a powerflush –all of which will prevent breakdowns and save you money on future repairs. Call Complheat today to arrange a boiler service with one of our Gas Safe registered, fully qualified and experienced engineers.
Replace Older Boilers
Older boilers are less efficient and work harder to heat your home. Over time corrosion and rust can cause leaks and mechanical failure and result in a boiler breakdown. A boiler replacement will save you money on your monthly gas bills and having a new, more efficient boiler will help prevent a breakdown.
Central heating
Switching your central heating on for 15 minutes once a month during the summer to check it is functioning correctly, and bleeding your radiators, can help prevent a boiler breakdown.
Pipe insulation
Pipe insulation will stop your pipes from seizing up when the thermostat drops below zero.
Consult your manual
Learning how your boiler works can help you look out for warning signs and anticipate any problems.

How to keep warm when your boiler breaks down

  • Retain Heat – use draught excluders and close your curtains to prevent heat escaping.
  • Wear extra layers of clothing and have plenty of hot drinks to keep warm.
  • Fill hot water bottles and switch on an electric blanket.
  • Use alternative methods of heating such as fan heaters or convection heaters.
  • Heat only the rooms you use the most, such as the living room and bedroom.
  • Ask friends or neighbours if they have any spare heaters you could borrow.
  • Vulnerable people can access help with emergency heating from local authorities and charities.

Why choose Complheat when your boiler breaks down?

  • Gas Safe registered engineers
  • Fully qualified and experienced team
  • Friendly and reliable engineers available 24/7
  • Boiler repairs, boiler replacement or boiler service
  • Fully insured and guaranteed
  • Competitive prices

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